Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements

At Casa Prive Group, we actively engage with industry peers and stakeholders through global conferences and speaking engagements. Drawing from years of expertise, we are driven by the mission to empower others by imparting invaluable insights that ignite inspiration, fuel motivation, and spark innovation.

In our previous presentations, we’ve delved into pivotal topics such as maximizing rental income, optimizing property performance, effective management of home cleanings & damages, and refining guest communications strategies. Through these different presentations, participants not only gain practical knowledge but also gain actionable insights that help iterate positive outcomes for their own property ventures in the long haul.

Our aspiration is to establish meaningful connections and forge partnerships with industry professionals, property owners, and aspiring entrepreneurs alike, pooling our collective experiences and knowledge to cultivate a landscape ripe with growth opportunities for others. Central to our strategic vision is the unwavering commitment to continuous learning and refining processes. Change is a n undeniable common denominator across every market, so a global commitment to sustained is a key milestone for us.

We eagerly anticipate invitations, speaking opportunities, and networking engagements that not only elevate the industry’s credibility but also serve as catalysts for transformative innovation.


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